At Know Your Dosh, we prioritise the security and privacy of your financial and personal data. We adhere to industry leading standards to provide a secure environment for interacting with sensitive information.  Rest assured, we are dedicated to safeguarding your financial details under any circumstances, even if you lose your device.

Know Your Dosh  security measures

Bank-level security

We employ time-tested data protection measures, including AES-256, SHA-256, and 256-bit SSL encryption.
Double layer of protection

Your Know Your Dosh account is secured with encrypted passwords and two-factor authentication for an additional level of protection. 
No storage of account credentials

To enhance safety, Know Your Dosh intentionally refrains from storing your information. Once your credentials are confirmed, we are granted “read-only” access to your transaction history. We also never sell or share your data; it always remains in your account.

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