20 Best Side Income Ideas for 2023

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With the cost of living getting higher in the UK, many people are looking for side income ideas to help boost their income.

The average pay from side income is £10,701 per year proving that having a side income is a step in the right direction towards improving your family finances.

Whether it’s to save for a rainy day, take that dream vacation, or to simply enjoy more comfort, these side income ideas offer something for everyone.

What to do before starting a side hustle?

Getting ready for a side job is exciting, but it needs some thinking and planning. The first thing you should do is think about what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing.

Are you a great writer? You could start a blog. Are you good at teaching? You could tutor online. Or perhaps you have a great idea for selling something? You could set up an online shop. Knowing what you’re good at and what you like is the first step towards a successful side job.

But while you’re getting your side job off the ground, it’s important not to forget about your main job. This is still your main money source, so you must ensure you can manage your time well.

You also have to be realistic about what you can do and keep a balance. The goal of a side job is to add to your primary income, not to replace it or make your life more stressful. So, take it step by step, enjoy the process, and look forward to the extra money you’ll be making.

20 best side income ideas for 2023

Here is a list of 20 best side income ideas you can start with little or no capital needed:

1. Freelancing

Side Income Ideas_ Freelancing. This image shows a hand of a man typing on a MacBook.
Freelancing is one of the best side income ideas for 2023. As a freelancer, you can offer your skills and services on a per-project basis to various clients.

Popular freelancing areas include writing, graphic design, and programming. It’s important to pick an area you’re skilled at and build a freelancing career from it. Once you’re set, build a portfolio and search for clients on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Linkedin. Your Income varies based on your skill level and the service demand.

2. Online tutoring

The global e-learning market is skyrocketing. It’s projected to reach an astonishing £457.8 billion by 2026, rising from £138 billion in 2019. If you’re good at a subject like Maths, English or Science, you could teach others online. As more and more people choose to learn from home, there’s plenty of demand for online tutors. To start tutoring online, you can sign up on platforms like Tutor House, Revision Centre or Fleet Tutors.

3. Blogging

If there’s a topic you love talking about, why not start a blog? You can blog about anything from fashion to food or even cars. Once you’re able to build up some traffic, you can start earning income from affiliate marketing, ads, brand deals or even selling directing on your blog. You can set up a blog for free on platforms like WordPress, Blogger or Squarespace.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services for a company and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral link. You can join affiliate programs offered by companies like Amazon, eBay, or any smaller niche brands. For example, if you have a blog or a YouTube channel or social media page focused on cooking, you could earn money by recommending kitchen appliances or recipe books. The key is to find products that align with your interests and your audience’s needs. For every sale you make, you will earn a commission.

5. Selling handmade goods

With platforms such as Etsy, Folksy, and Not On The High Street, you can easily set up an online shop to sell your unique creations, be it jewellery, home decor, clothing, or personalised gifts.

Customers are willing to pay a premium for unique, high-quality, handmade items that express their individuality.

To stand out from the competition, you need a good mix of marketing, understanding your target audience,  and providing excellent customer service.

6. Property rental

In 2023, property rental continues to be one of the most effective side income ideas. Recent statistics show that UK-wide rents are expected to increase annually by 3 – 4% between 2023 and 2026.2.6%.  Owning and renting out your property, whether it’s a residential home, a holiday cottage, or even a single room can provide a substantial and steady side income stream for your family. You can list your property through platforms like Airbnb where guests pay daily to stay in your rental.

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7. Stock market investments

Stock market investing is one of the best side income ideas for 2023. Investing in the stock market involves buying shares of publicly traded companies, with the aim of selling them for a profit or earning dividends over time. Whether you’re interested in blue-chip companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, tech startups on the NASDAQ, or exploring emerging markets, there’s a wide range of opportunities to suit your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Investing in the stock market can yield high returns, but it also carries risks. To be on the safe side, you should understand the market and diversify your portfolio.

8. Photography


With the advent of digital platforms, photographers now have numerous ways to monetise their skills. For instance, you can sell high-quality prints of your work through online galleries or at local art fairs. Stock photography websites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, or Adobe Stock also provide opportunities to earn royalties from your images. You can also take product photos for brands and businesses.

If you have a knack for capturing special moments, consider offering your services for weddings, corporate events, or family photoshoots.

9. Online coaching

Whether you’re an expert in academic subjects, professional skills, physical fitness, or personal development, online coaching offers an excellent opportunity to monetise your knowledge and skills. Platforms like Teachable, Coursera, and Udemy allow you to create and sell courses in a wide range of subjects.

Alternatively, you can offer one-on-one coaching sessions via video conferencing tools, providing a more personalised learning experience for your students. Your rates should depend on your credentials and the market rate for coaching in your area.

10. Social media management

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A lot of businesses use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with their customers. But, not all businesses have the time or know-how to do this well. That’s where a social media manager comes in.

As a social media manager, your job is to handle a company’s social media accounts. You might create posts, reply to comments, or make plans for what to post in the future. If you are social media savvy and follow the necessary online trends, you can brush up your skills and consider taking a side job as a social media manager.

11. Ebook writing and selling

Writing and selling eBooks is a great side income idea in 2023. If you enjoy writing and have a lot to say about a certain topic, you can write an eBook. Once it’s written, you can sell it online and make money whenever someone buys it.

EBooks can be about anything. You could write a how-to guide, a recipe book, a story, or anything else you know a lot about. The key is writing about something other people want to learn about or enjoy reading.

To sell your eBook, you can use websites like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple’s iBooks, or Lulu. These websites let you upload your eBook and sell it to people all over the world. You can also promote your eBook on your own website or social media to get more people interested.

12. Pet sitting

As a pet sitter, you look after other people’s pets when they can’t. This might mean feeding them, taking them for walks, playing with them, or just keeping them company. All of which you’ll enjoy especially if you love animals.

There are websites like Rover and Tailster where you can find pet-sitting jobs. You can also tell people in your local area about your service. This can be done by putting up flyers or telling your friends and neighbours.

13. Online surveys

Companies all around the world are always looking for people’s opinions. They want to know what you think about their products, what kind of things you buy, and how you live your life. By taking part in online surveys, you’re giving them valuable information, and they’re willing to pay for it!

So how does it work? You sign up with an online survey company like Swagbucks, Toluna, or YouGov. When a new survey is available, they’ll let you know. You might be asked to give your thoughts on a new brand of chocolate or share your views on your favourite TV shows.

What’s really great about online surveys is that you can do them whenever you have some free time. You could be waiting for a bus, taking a break from work, or just relaxing at home.

The more surveys you do, the more money you can make. Some companies also offer other ways to earn, like watching videos, playing games, or shopping online.

14. Fitness training

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, consider offering fitness classes both online and offline. As a fitness trainer, your job is to help people exercise the right way. You might help them lift weights, learn to swim or run faster. Setting your own hours is one of the perks of being a fitness trainer. You can combine it with your main job during hours when you are work free.

15. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a flexible, growing e-commerce method where you sell products online without storing them. How does this work? When a customer buys something from you, you buy the product from a third party and have it shipped directly to the customer. This way, you don’t have to deal with storing or shipping products yourself.
To be successful in this business, you need to find reliable suppliers and build a professional-looking online store to attract customers. Tools like Shopify can help you set up your store, and Oberlo can help you find products to sell.

16. Podcasting

Side Income Ideas. Podcasting

Podcasting is a rising platform for sharing ideas, telling stories, or discussing interests. As podcast audiences continue to grow steadily, this might just be the perfect time to start your own podcast.

If you have something you love talking about, you can start a podcast about it. It could be about anything – books, fitness, or relationships. You can get started with just your phone for recording and software like. Audacity for editing.

So how do you earn money? There are a few ways. Companies might pay you to talk about their products on your podcast. Or, people who like your podcast can donate money to support you. You can also make special episodes that people have to pay to listen to. If you have a product or service of your own, like fitness training, you can use your podcast to attract customers.

17. Personal shopping

If you love shopping and have a good sense of style, you can help others find the perfect items. As a personal shopper, you might help people buy clothes, food, gifts, or anything else they need.

Some people might want you to shop with them, while others might ask you to shop for them. It all depends on what the person needs and what you agree on.

You can find work by advertising your services online, in local newspapers, or by telling people you know. Websites like Indeed or TaskRabbit might also have personal shopper jobs.
Personal shopping is a great side income idea because you get paid to shop and at your own time also.

18. Virtual assistance (VA)

As businesses and professionals around the world move more of their operations online, the demand for virtual assistants is on the rise. As the name implies, being a virtual assistant means you can assist remotely, from the comfort of your home.

Your tasks can range from answering emails, organising a calendar, managing social media, or doing research. To be a VA, you need to have good organizational and communication skills along with a computer and internet connection.

The best part is that the work can often be done at any time, so you can fit it around your other commitments. You could find work through a platform like Upwork or by advertising your services yourself.

19. YouTube channel

To start, you need a camera (even a smartphone will do), a mic, an idea for content, and an internet connection. You could create videos about almost anything: cooking, travelling, video games, music, or just your daily life.

You can earn money through YouTube’s Partner Programme, which allows you to make money from ads on your videos. To start earning, you need up to least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months to join. You can also earn money through sponsored videos, where companies pay you to talk about their products.

20. Driving for a ride-hailing application

Being a driver for a ride-hailing app like Uber or Lyft is a flexible way to earn extra money in 2023. These apps connect drivers with people who need a ride. If you have a reliable car, a driver’s license and enjoy driving, it can be a good way to make money in your spare time.

In the UK, it’s reported that the average Uber driver earns around £15 per hour after expenses.  The earnings can vary depending on when and where you drive. For example, you might earn more if you drive during peak hours or in busy areas.

Being a driver for a ride-hailing app gives you the flexibility to work whenever you want. You can choose to drive a few hours a week or make it a full-time job.







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